Digital Copiers

Selecting high-quality business copiers

You have a lot of choice when it comes to your business copiers, but time and again consumer surveys have demonstrated that if you want the best, digital copiers are the way to go. Digital copy machines produce high-quality reproductions with accurate scans of even the smallest details. If you rely on clear, high-resolution copy results, digital copiers are your best bet.

The quality of the digital copy is based on the way in which the image is recorded into the machine. Traditional copiers use mirror images that are recorded onto a drum to produce static copies made out of toner. Digital copiers, on the other hand, scan the original document and record the image into memory, printing the image as a computer printer would. With digital copiers, each copy is essentially an original. Some digital copiers can even transmit the image electronically to other printers.

Brand Name Digital Copiers

Two of the most popular brand names in digital copiers include Canon digital copiers and Sharp digital copiers. Both companies are known for their high-quality print images and exceptional customer service.

Canon offers several different varieties of digital copiers, each offering multi-function capabilities including PC printing, scanning, faxing and e-mailing alongside traditional copying services. Many Canon business copiers are designed specifically to handle large volumes of work all at once, offering high-speed image production, large capacity paper storage and printing trays, and the ability to collate, hole punch, staple and even bind your copies.

Sharp digital copiers can be a vital hardware source to your document management systems. They are designed to centralize all your printing and communication needs and are built to handle large volumes on a regular daily basis. Sharp copiers offer many of the same capabilities as can be found with Canon.

Digital Copier Care

When shopping for a digital copier, make sure you select a brand that offers well known and reliable customer service. Many digital copiers are run on the latest technology and need trained professionals to deal with any big problems that may arise. While anyone in your office may be able to handle a paper jam, larger errors can be trickier.

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