Credit Card Terminals

Standard and wireless credit card machines

Credit card terminals are an important tool for ensuring customer satisfaction, particularly if you're working in the retail or service industry. Many people no longer carry cash with them, in order to protect themselves from loss in case of theft; therefore, most companies need to ensure that their customers have a variety of payment options available to them. Credit card machines (or credit card processing terminals) allow your customers the convenience of paying by credit, which satisfies even the most safety-conscious customers because they can keep track of transactions and cancel fraudulent purchases much more easily.

Remember, though, if you want to keep your customers happy, you need to provide them with a business credit card machine that is reliable and secure. Make sure that payments are quickly and easily processed and that the information gathered by the machine isn't vulnerable to hackers.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Wireless credit card terminals are a favorite in the service industry, since you may be dealing with customers in a variety of different locations (for example, at a restaurant table). Wireless credit card terminals allow you to take your credit card processing power with you, even if you're hosting an outdoor event.

Payment by credit card has long been a preferred option for customers of restaurants and gas stations, allowing servers to process the payment at the cash register and return to the customer with the receipt. However, new credit card technology no longer relies on a signature on the receipt; with the increase in chip and PIN code technology, many credit card clients simply enter their codes into the machine to process the transaction. This means that wireless credit card terminals are becoming more popular in an effort to retain the convenience of paying by credit card while continuing to increase the security of the transaction.

Business Credit Card Etiquette

The use of a credit card is typically based on convenience, particularly if you're dealing with smaller transactions. Most people pay for $20 in gas or a $50 meal with a credit card simply because they don't want to carry cash or they don't want to put their banking information at risk by using a debit card. That means that, as a business owner or operator, your credit card etiquette needs to focus on customer service and convenience.

Make sure that your credit card terminal is reliable and secure. Also make sure that all of your employees are well trained on how to operate the credit card machine. Finally, make sure anyone who is processing financial transactions is able to spot the signs of fraud and knows when to question a customer's use of the credit card.

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