Color Copiers

Your business looks bright with color laser copiers

Color copiers can brighten up your day in so many ways—from eye-catching presentations to irresistible marketing ploys, color makes it easier to grab the attention of your customers and clients and leave a lasting impression. The latest technology in color laser copiers and printers allows you to print photo-quality products, whether you're posting a picture of the employee of the month or introducing your latest sales item.

Despite all the different options available to you with the variety of color copiers on the market, you're not going to have to break the bank to get the best of the best. When you're shopping for a color copier, make sure that you take into consideration things such as the volume of printing you're going to be doing, the price of ink and other supplies, and the type of equipment you already own. You want to make sure that your copier is compatible with all your other office supplies and office equipment.

Brand Names in Color Copiers

Two of the most well-known and popular brands in color copiers include Canon color copiers and Xerox color copiers. Both are industry leaders and have been at the forefront of technological developments in copying. The most important aspect of both of these brands is their reputation for customer service. Both Canon and Xerox are known for their reliability and their ability to assist their customers in a pinch. If you need quick help with your copier when you're facing a deadline, both Canon and Xerox offer unrivalled telephone, Internet and in-person customer service.

Both companies also offer a wide price range for their products, but even if you choose the least expensive option, you'll never have to worry about the quality of the product.

Used Color Copiers

A great way to save money when you're shopping for office equipment, particularly when you're just starting up and are trying to stretch your capital as far as it can go, is to look for used color copiers. While you may not be getting the latest in copy technology, a used color copier can still provide you with all the benefits of a color copier without all the cost.

When you're looking at a used color copier, make sure you check the availability of the supplies needed to run the machine. As newer copiers are released, it may become more difficult or more expensive to find things such as ink cartridges or toner cartridges for older models.

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