Improve your sales with automated teller machines

In today's economy of electronic cash, it can be difficult to find anyone carrying around a dollar bill, even to pay for their morning coffee. A great way to increase your sales (and the satisfaction of your customers) is to provide an ATM. ATMs, also known as automated teller machines, cash machines or even bank machines, provide your customers with easy access to their cash. This service is particularly important if you have a cash business and don't offer your customers payment options such as credit card terminals.

The great thing about installing an ATM in your place of business is that it allows you to make money in a different way. Not only are you providing your customers with access to cash in order to make a purchase at your place of business, but you're also typically generating revenue by charging a service fee for the use of the ATM. These fees are automatically added onto the withdrawal your customer is making and are standard practice for all non-financial institution ATMs.

ATM Machines for Sale

ATMs are easy to find and can be purchased from a number of different providers. You may choose to purchase privately, where you can get a deal on a used machine, or you might look into purchasing or leasing a machine from a financial institution that will take care of all the nitty-gritty details of keeping the machine full and functional.

If you purchase a machine privately, you will have to hire a financial agency or institution to take care of stocking the machine and maintaining its balance. Most of these companies offer affordable options for financing, and may simply be interesting in taking a percentage of the service fees collected from the machine.

ATM Etiquette

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of an automated teller located within your business; however, you should follow a couple of rules so that they remain satisfied with your service. The number one rule of the ATM is to avoid excessive service fees. Your customers will have to pay not only your fee, but generally a charge from their bank as well, so if you're charging too much for them to use the machine they will likely avoid doing so. Also, make sure the machine is located somewhere convenient, such as near the cash register, so that your customers don't get annoyed by having to search for it.

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